ANIME REVIEW: Toradora vs Just Because vs Tsuki Ga Kirei (2017)

When we watch an anime with a similar genre of another we previously watch we make connections and draw our own conclusions on each one is best and why it is. I am now talking about Romance in anime.

I've watch Orange (Telecom Animation Film) in September of 2016 although I will not draw any comparisons with this ones and you will understand why. They same happens with Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend and Ano Natsu de Matteru  (Waiting in the Summer) (Although this one is due to it's sci-fi moments but it's very similar with those three in the Subject).

I made a review on Fuuka and I could put here on VS but I won't.
Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish) is more mature so I won't put here to compare

What I am comparing you ask? Romance Anime where since the beginning  you know is going to happen. Tsuki Ga Kirei you know Akane Mizuno is going to be with Kotarou Azumi and Chinatsu is going to get dumped. People who rooted for Chinatsu knew they were going to suffer.

In Just because it's not that easy although the several pictures that made us aware the anime is going to happen are about Mio Natsume & Eita Izumi and any other character is going to be very sad. 

In Toradora is not that easy. Both Taiga Aisaka & Ryuuji Takasu love different people but from the first couple episodes (this one had 25 while the others had 12/13) you know that ship is going to happen.  

In Tsuki Ga Kirei is about the journey of two youngsters discovering themselves and trying to cope with school while trying to work things out. They start dating early on and we get to see that relation grow. I love how they do it and the anime didn't focus so much on conversations - the best moments where silent ones. The Line messages and so on. It was a pure joy of a anime and one of my favorite this year (top 3 no  doubt). It's on my top 10 on MAL. It's a show about simplicity and love discovery. Both characters work and try to make it work.

Although my only criticism is that this is a love like that one you wished but will never happen. Perfect love. You probably will connect more to both contenders than this two characters. One has the same qualities and hobbies and finally asks her out just to be turn down (because he does not know she loved another) and the other a girl who tries even as she knows that she will be turn down (a closure as she tells us). 

Just Because (Who are the center boy and girl)
Just Because it's set on 2 months or so of school and about the returning of Izumi to his old school where Mio (his crush) still lives and studies. He tries to understand his feeling towards her AND towards Komiya. One thing that this anime failed (in my humble opinion) is that it made us hate Natsume - Natsume liked Souma who in turned love Morikawa. Izumi saw Natsume declare herself to Souma and being turned down. With the appearance of Izumi Natsume feelings towards him appear. BUT she is totally underdeveloped - she does nothing and still gets the boy Whereas Komiya talks to Izumi, takes pictures of him, they went to see alone things, she declares to him, she makes him a yearbook and still Izumi turns her down. It's not that strange that on MAL and some forums they criticize their ending - Komiya crying alone in the end was heartbreaking moment. I was on team Komiya because she was funny and she really loved Izumi going great lengths to demonstrate that where Natsume did nothing at all - just moaning dragging her silly feet. Until the 11 episode I had great expectations and my rating was 9/10. But that finale is stupid. Throughout the last 6/7 episodes Izumi and Natsume both say they are going to conffess right before going to university then when we know they both love one another they "show" us in anti-climatic line messages... That's like making a great dish to your family, hours on it, being on the table with all people salivating and then throwing to the garbage and asking if they want to go Macdonalds and saying "Hey it's still food no?"

Toradora is a bit different from the previous ones. From the beginning there is a complex relationship between those two characters who join together to get the girl/boy they want. As the show progress we learn and start to get hints that probably what they are looking for is not the other two people but one another. It's very simple and not that much to talk but it's one of the best anime (romance or not) I've watch. Taiga is the personification of Tsundere and Ryuuji of love. I'ts magical.

Tsuki Ga Kirei
On MAL Toradora has a rating of 8,41 (Ranked 159) and 513K Voters (but has more 8/9 years that the next two)  
Just Because 7.55 (but I bet it's going down) (Ranked 1462) and 11K voters (don't forget it's this season anime)
Tsuki Ga Kirei  8.36 (Ranked 190) with 58K voters

Toradora has great characters and it's a more fast pace love story where everyone can get another. You can ship in three ways but only one will win. It's one of those instances where you get to have a "team".

Tsuki Ga Kirei plot wise is more simple - there isn't. But it's more focus on the discovery of what it means to be in love and how to overcome some obstacles. 

Just Because is a show that has a great setting, love the art, love the five characters and made my choice of how to ship them - but I cannot accept the creators went the easy way  on the finale (although more probable and predictable).

In my voting system both Toradora and Tsuki Ga Kirei get 10 while Just Because I could vote between 7 or 8.


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