ANIME REVIEW: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (FALL 2017)

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War was made by Graphinica and had a rating of 6.78 on MAL. (Action) 

Graphinica only made 18 animes - one of them is Hellsing Ultimate and Arslan Senki.

This anime follows a pattern. Each episode it introduces one character just so he/she can be killed in the end. Of the 12 participants 9 were done this way. After the first couple of ones you basically got the picture and knew it. This upset me. Not enough I stop watching but enough that I didn't enjoy it as much as I could.

But lets start from the beginning. Basically we follow 12 people (one for each of the chinese zodiac signs) as they battle for supremacy. Each one has their own skills and motives and it was nice to watch their backstories. 

To me personally ended but my favourites died. The one that won didn't deserve to win BUT I can see why he won. The Last episode is dedicated to him and the choosing of his wish. 

There are several animes like this one - Battle Royale is one of them. Fate/Zero is another.

Good CGI (I have no complains there); Good Action Scenes and some dark elements. The negatives is the world bulding (there was a lot to explore) and predictable (the reason I mention before).

My favourite were Sharyuu (Monkey), Niwatori (Cock as the husbando of the chicken) and Ushii (OX)

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