ANIME REVIEW: Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Fall 2017)

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Vatican Miracle Examiner) was made by J C Staff and had a final rating of 6.46.

They are the makers of Toradora, Shokugeki no Souma (food porn) Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?, Prison School or Bakuman.

So as you can see they go way back with 329 projects.

The Vatican series is finish and it was a good ride. It can have a season season? Yes it can BUT it's not that necessary.

Basically we follow two priests (Hiraga & Robert Nicholas) as they try to uncover if some particular incident is a miracle or not. There are some Hollywood movies out there that deal with this - but anime it was the first. Hiraga may be gay to Nicholas but we will never know...

The episodes are divided in arcs of 2 or 3 episodes each. But they all have a connection between them all. It's rather unique anime that explores Christianity (more specific Catholicism) so I was reluctant to watch it but it didn't shove it in our faces the religion. I don't think anyone would be offended by it.

I enjoy the arcs, ones were more interesting than others and our main antagonist Julia (he is a man - not a woman).

It was interesting to discover the modus operandis of each "miracle" and how they connected themselves. It was also interesting the open ending and the nature of Father Julia (a guy not woman) - was he bad or good? After all he imprisoned and had a slave labor force but in the other hand helped people in deep jungle in Africa and saved Hirata's brother. So we never know...

It's a scooby-doo kind of episodes but with more mature content. The way to watch it is by ARC. The first three of four arcs are almost independent of one another.

It's a nice anime, that brings nothing new BUT its okay to watch; not all of them must be the best of the best. And if a sequel is coming out I am going to watch it. 6/10


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