Anime Review: Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu (Winter 2013)

I am going to make four connected reviews...

I recently watched some smaller time-wise animes like and three of those are very similar Onii-chan love!
DanchigaiOneechan ga KitaSup
er Seisyun Brothers and Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu.

This show tells us a tale of Fuuka where she looks like a high school girl but she is a middle school. She has older brother who promise to marry her and now she wants it. Full of ecchi situations and we see Hikaru grow into her and in later episodes to fantasize about her. If you enjoy ecchi then please grab a popcorn sack (or some tissue) and go for it - 30m of ecchi situations. BUT Bear in mind she is in middle school... not high school.

Don't know who the publisher was (neither on wikipedia, MAL or other websites... strange no?)


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