Anime Review: Danchigai (Summer 2015)

I am going to make four connected reviews...

I recently watched some smaller time-wise animes like and three of those are very similar Onii-chan love!
Danchigai, Oneechan ga Kita, Super Seisyun Brothers and Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu.

They are all comedy and slice of life althought some have some ecchi or romance withing.

Danchigai is about a boy who is left alone with four sisters. There are some romantic-brotherish situations which makes it very funny and overall it was my favourite of the four. Particulary Nakano Matsuki who to her younger sisters behaves almost perfectly but then with her brother shows her true colors. Very funny situtations almost witty.

There aren't any story within (thus the slice of life) but it has some developments with the characters.

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