Anime Review: Super Seisyun Brothers (Fall 2013)

I am going to make four connected reviews...

I recently watched some smaller time-wise animes like and three of those are very similar Onii-chan love!
DanchigaiOneechan ga KitaSuper Seisyun Brothers and Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu.

Super Seisyun Brothers is the last of the four I watch with similar themes but this one is not about brotherly love "sexual" but brotherly love in terms of being brother and sister. 

Basically it's the tale of two pairs of brothers which are best friends but all of them are quite different from the others. There are some development with the characters as we watch them in different situations.

We follow Chiko e Chika Shinmoto and Mako and Mao Saitou (confusion!!!). What's interesting is that this tale is not done or should not be done because there are some treads to follow. 

What I initial thought of boy loves the friend's sister kind of situation is not that like at all. The only one that likes the other friend's sister is Mao. The other three are oblivion to those feelings.

One hour of your life and you can watch it in one go and treat it as a a movie if you like - unfortunally there was never a sequel so...
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