Anime Review: 25-sai no Joshikousei (Winter 2018)

The three animes (one for each season) that has some hentai ecchi elements... 
This will be a short review. This anime is that one anime that exist every season where they try a little further to cross the line between ecchi and pure sex hentai. Which in this case is the latter. This is hentai but with a plot. I've watch hentai with more plot. This is borderline rape! For ten people who watch it probably half are going to say that. Is there a plot? Is it interesting? No and no. Watch it for the hentai. It's good! Sorry can't say that much more...

You want the plot?
For some reason, stupid one, a girl of 25 impersonates a high school teen and from day one she is raped  have sex with some school male-nurse. There are other characters which are meaningless and it's about sex. Watch it. 4m per show X 12 episodes and you've got yourself a 48m. Please don't watch near other people... Sex or so each episode. 

The company Lilix is almost unknown so.. don't expect anything great. Animation in itself is great - the oppai really moves. Probably 30% of the budget went there :D

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