Anime Review: Citrus (WINTER 2018)

Citrus is a show that initially led me to be believe it could be something more than Shoujo Ai but it was not. As each episode progress I became nauseous of Mei Aihara because I couldn't understand why the hell everyone was so interested in her. She is like some bread without salt...

This story is about a young girl Yuzu Aihara moving from her current house because her mother is getting married and starting at her new all-girl school where her step-sister Mei Aihara goes. And there comes trouble. Her step sister is a “perfect” girl, a student council with her life all plan out. In the other hand Yuzu is a Gyaru which clashes a lot with the rules of the school.
In terms of romance, Yuzu never felt love and Mei in the other hand had one loveless romance and the first time she meets Yuzu kisses her saying that it seemed she needed. Well Yuzu learns that she is a lesbian and that's a wrap. 

Plenty of girls trying to fool her around, first Himeko the vice-principal of student council which seems to have feelings for Mei); Matsuri Mizusawa who extorts money from men and now wants to have some fun with Yuzu and Mei (but at the same time teaches her both about feelings) and then in the last 3 or 4 episodes come Sara & Nina Tachibana from another school. One suddenly develops some love interest with Mei and it's the last step to Yuzu to realize what she must do....

Overall there are some interesting points in the anime BUT mostly in art and animation. Well and the music. Everything else is quite bland and we've seen it all. Nothing new. Safe-sex anime with a little lip kisses and other moments where you could say it touches sexual harassment...

It's not an anime I would personally suggest to anyone. There are better Shoujo-Ai animes out there...

Story (Plot)  3  
Art / Animation         6
Sound   7
World Building  3
Character Building 3
Enjoyment  5
Overall     4
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