Anime Review: Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Winter 2018)

So here we go to another anime review... This time is Isekai Smartphone to Tomo ni season 2.... sorry nah... it's Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku or Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody and it was awful! 

Another show that the FBI will soon unrest the main character...
Harem King soon to be arrested by the FBI

I love Isekai guys. I really do. Overlord was one of the first animes I watched and loved. Dan Machi aas well. But both Death March and Smartphone guy are crap. Comparing it Sword Art Online is almost an affront to it. Those two shows suffer  from the same problem I truly despise. Over Powerful characters. In Death March we follow Ichirou Suzuki who works at a software company and it's transported to another world. Right from the start he finish off some lizards with a fireball that make him level 300 or so and from this moment on every people he meets are between level 1 to 15 or so. There aren't anyone more powerful than him. And everything he do he do it easily.  So, of course he sets to do what High School DxD main guy couldn't... Be a Harem King. And this guy is the man. He has by the last episode 8 girls range 10 or so 17/18 and all want to jump him down HARD. (okay not all but half!).

The problem with the cast of females is that they are so many and so poorly written and most of them are alike or bland. After all they are characters from a game (minus one). From Liza, Ponchi or Tama who were slaves and were bought by Satou. But he doesn't end there Arisa & Lulu. Also Nana who is a Homonculus and become part of his harem - she has great boobs but unfortunately (or not) don't have a personality... Mia an elf princess and I am forgetting someone... But I tell you it doesn't matter. There is also soldier who he doesn't buy but saves in the first episode and that's Zena. It seems he has some legit interest in her but unfortunately the other gals don't let him pursue the feelings...

So each three or four episodes follows a arc (maybe a light novel) and Ichirou deals with plain and easily putting one more girl in his harem...

Sorry forgot to mention about the rest of the things... Art is okay - nothing to spectacular but fortunately not all girls have super boobs but they pretty generic comparing with other works from Silver Link. They really look the same with other characters from some of their shows.. good look ;) The sound it's there and serves its purpose but it's nothing too good.

He has a gun but in a fantasy world... He is not OP!
Overall it's one of those animes to watch between other animes but if you skipped it you would miss a thing. This show is not going to be recommend by anyone. Please don't watch it in one go... Unless you do it rapidly. 

Boring little anime, with no real ending (after all the light novels keep coming out and surprises me how people enjoy it). As a novel it might be good to read before some more complicated novels and thus I comprehend the hype after all we all do that. I do that with Dan Machi per example or some warhammer novels. But comparing the anime to Overlord, Grimgar or even Dan Machi or god's sake (well not him) Youjo Senki is really saying that Mongólia has a international football team as Portugal or Germany. They are both football teams but they play in very different leagues. 

4/10 (which is the same rating as Smartphone guy)


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