Anime Review: Ryuuou no Oshigoto! (Winter 2018)

Here we go again with another anime about Shogi. One of them is at my radar (March comes like a lion) and a couple others. The last one I watch and was comic as heck was Tonari no Sei-kun. There were so episodes that dealt with Shogi and the stories the other character made in her mind - one is a battle between chess pieces and shogi. Go watch it.
Well but what's Ryuuou all about? Well the only thing I learn is that anime can make a boring Shogi game into a harem-comedy-exciting and FBI knock-on-your-door kind of sports. Why I say this? Well overall the anime never tries to teach you about shogi in any way showing some supposedly impressing moves about a game you've never played in your life. Maybe for japanese who play shogi that should be interesting.

In terms of other stuff not Shogi well... it's sucks.
We get to know some underage girls who play better than professional players - there isn't a distinction between them all. For those who love soccer - yeah everyone can play BUT you can see when it's a professional player or amateur. You know there are differences between Ronaldo or Messi and most other players in the world so that came out a bit bland. I mean, maybe it's because I don't understand Shogi BUT I don't think that's it...

Overall characterization is nonexistent, with probably Keika a 25 year old shogi player who must evolve to a professional player or else she must quit (don't know if it's a rule or something like that). Btw, why Shogi has a female and male rank? It's a mental game not physic so can't understand that "real life" situation. Yaichi is boring bland character and both Ai (the 9/10 year old girls) really love him for some reason. There is also a Ginko who is a Tsundere.

Every trope of a harem is there. There isn't much romance because Ai (one of them) is always blocking the stuff... There are some other more mature (if you can call it that) situations where both Ginko and Keika (probably not totally serious way) try to understand what Yaichi thinks of her. Bear in mind that one is 14 and the other is 25 while Yaichi is 16/17.

The animation is quite alright I have no complains there.

If you are watching with some other people around you beware because a couple of episodes (I think it was the first or second) there is a situation that almost puts Eromanga Sensei to shame... Rest of the episodes are quite alright.

Story 4
Art 7
Sound 7
Character 3
Enjoyment 4
Overall 4

About Project 9... They've made that I watched Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (Enjoy a lot). Tenshi no 3P! Yeah the little girls harem situation again...
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