Anime Review: Yuru Camp (Winter 2018)

Yuru Camp is the epitome of Slice of Life about something most anime fans will never do but will love it nevertheless.

Like Long Riders! was about learning how to enjoy driving a bike this one was about camping. Both had some rookie advice about stuff you must have or could have while others had more complex information about stuff both things. 

This one had a minor sub-plot on food-porn. Each time they made outdoor food I thought WHY do I have a kitchen if I could only a mini-stove and do it all? It's sad...

Lets be real, Yuru Camp is way better and the rating on MAL proves it. The art and animation are way better. The characters as well. In this one we have pro Shina Rin while on Long Riders you had 3/4 girls but both had a clueless girl Nadeshiko in this one and Ami in the other one. This also follows a trend I enjoy about anime trying to educate anime fans about stuff we don't even care.. or think we don't - Hinako Note made about a trope of Theatre, Urara Meirochou about a fictionalize divining school, Stella no Mahou  about a computer company, Konohana Kitan & Kabuki-bu about Kabuki.

Don't get me wrong - it's interesting that anime can make this stuff a shows us that those things can be good. Geez I wanna go camping and I hate bugs. 

So why the high rating? Well it's a blend of very Cute Girls doing Cute Things with incredible landscapes you could have on your PC, interesting music. It's relaxing and watching before bed will grant you passage to nightmare-zone free zone. I smile while I watch this anime. 

And the food! 

If you want to relax, explore and watch do stuff you either don't feel confortably doing OR if you love it and do it this anime is to you. Slice of Life to the fullest.

Rating 8

About C-Station - nothing particular interesting. Besides Starmyu or Seikoku no Dragonar.
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