Trying to Finish my Reading Pile of Books

You know I hate giving up on books and you all know it's being pretty hard to me to read. Probably because I am enjoying so much watching anime and series. So my goal to April & May if needed it's finish the books I am currently reading for several months...

First of all it's 
Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon vol 5. I am currently at page 68 with a total of 288 pages. Since is a light novel is quite easy to read so this seems to be the easy one...

Basically for those who watch the anime this is the last book adapted by it. 

Then we've got from Black Library Gotrek and Felix The anthology. I am at page 253 to a total 412. After finish Zombieslayer I want to catch up with other G&F novels that were released. They are canon but don't follow the plot of Zombieslayer but are set between those books. For some reason I am not aware Nathan Long stop writing G&F stories but BL decided to milk the cow a bit more... After these novels (4 novels total) I am going to try NL Ulrika or CL Werner Thanquol series.

Then we have Carpathia by Matt Forbeck. I am at page 94 of 308 and I am little bored with the novel and it's a top contender to drop but since it's quite easy read I am going to try again...

The Ambassador Chronicles by Graham Mcneill is comprised of two novels. They are set in old warhmammer world of Kislev. The two novels are called The Ambassador & Ursun Teeth. Having read the first I wanted to read Ursun Teeth. Started last year but stop reading...At page 50 of 288 (more or less since is a omnibus). I enjoy the novel but...

Curse of Necrach is the last BL novel I am currently reading. It's was written by Steven Savile one of my favourite writers in Warhammer (unfortunately this was his last book there). Well I am at the beginning so probably gonna start again from scracth. I am at page 33 of 409

Richard Laymon's Endless Night is the horror book I am reading. Having start at January because Laymon's books are quite easy to read (albeit a bit weak) I start reading and I stay at page 116 of 470.

Then there are two most interesting novels that I stop reading for different reasons. One is Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Stay at 50 of 600 so gonna be a little tricky. Quite good novel. Started last august... But it was a hard book to get into it... But I will finish.

The other one is a fictionalize angels vs demons set in amidst the bubonic plague in France. France is turmoil in a endless war with England and suffering from the Plague. I start reading because I kickstarter a game called Time of Legends with the same premise. It's a bit a while since I pick it up but I am going to finish. I am at page 222 of 426. The book is called Between two fires by Christopher Buehlman. Sure is a grimdark reading - the way I like it.

All in all it's more than 1700 pages... I highly doubt it to ended in one month BUT I will try.


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