Anime Review: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows (Winter 2016)

I am writing as I watch the show... first time...

Only the japanese to make a history that we see through the eyes of a neko (cat).
First of all it sounds boring but its awesome. I have a cat (and a dog) and always wondered what would they think if it was possible. I don't know. People who loves animals think their cat are special and "think" and such. I can relate to that.

Daru has a simple way of thinking (probably to make it simple for us to understand). From the start she adopts her (and she doesn't care about the cat - even trying to abandoning him) to her days of school to work searching. Throughout her teen life he was there. His "miaus", his ears always searching and such. 

It was very funny to see at times they both say the same thing. The show is so simple yet so pure...

Then he became sadder and sadder - I am sleeping more and more each day...  My body doesn't move as well as it use... Damn this is depressing as hell... I am going to cry I think. I don't want!

Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am depress now...


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