Anime Review: Overlord - Season 2 (Winter 2018)

Some of our main characters (in second part of Overlord 2)
Another review of another anime but this time about Overlord - one of my favourite series of 2015. With was my sixth anime since my return to anime world I really enjoy it. 

It was what I wanted. A series that connected to me since I read a lot of Warhammer & 40K. I wanted to watch some anime that focus on an evil character and this was it. 
Some characters that never appear (well the brothers (I think) appear in a couple of times).

I love it so much that I even bought the Light Novel and I was really surprised that the first season comprised of the first and second light novels and they made it so good.

The first season focus on Lord Ainz Ooal Gown or Momon who was trapped inside a game BUT DON'T WORRY - this is not SAO. This is more adult, more dark more epic if you like.

After finish the first season I quickly try other animes out there (focus on this premise of trapped within a video game or even Isekai but this one is probably my favourite (closely followed by Konosuba)).
Other main characters from season 2 (last arc)

When I learn that a second season was coming I was excited and true to be told is not as good as the first season. Why, you ask. Well, the first season focus a lot on our main character and the tower they live giving some background on the NPC that live and serve the tower of Nazarick (This in the first 6 episodes).  The next 6 episodes focus a lot on Momon with the help of Narberal as he explores the nearby city and trying to understand how things work (and how different they are from the game).
Meanwhile in the second season, the first six episodes follows a LOT of lizardman (some random guys who live nearby the tower) and what the plans are for them. Here we have a lot of interaction on Cocytus (Guardian of 5th floor) and somewhat in Demiurge (Guardian of 7th floor). The second part of the series focus again on Sebas (a buttler of Nazarick) and other non-related characters of Nazarick like Climb (nice name); evileye (last three episodes), Lakyus, Lord Stronoff, Gagaran, Tia, Brain

My main question is this... WHERE IS ALBEDO???? :) Yeah... there is almost no Albedo. Combining she has what? 5 lines throughout the season?

She looks so Kawaiii - the princess and climb BUT when someone hurts CLIMB she will turn into a psycopath (the bottom left is Sebas love maid)
The second half of the anime we learn that there is power people (well, to Nazarick standards they are like helpless ants) that rule E-Rantel and Momon wants to be a hero and so he with the help of Demiurge and the other Nazarick captains and Pleiades make that happen with some ruse that made some of the most awesome battles I've seen in anime.

I know some people dislike the trope (I do as well) of over-powerful characters like in SAO or Smartphone or Death March BUT here it works because even if he is over-powerful it's not the even the focus on the anime (I mean battles and such). This anime focus a lot on politics and it's what I call High Fantasy (or Epic) like Game of Thrones (minus the sex). It's all about the characters (all of them) and not only Momon. True be told in the second season he appears only in the last two or three episodes. Even Sebas or Demiurge are ovepowerful but the way the artists and writer wrote made them interesting, even if before the battle you already know he or she is going to win. That's why this anime works. The writing skill of the creator. That's why SAO sucks. Because the writer makes all about the main character and made it all too easy - the other characters exist only to give more focus on our main. In Overlord that doesn't happen at all. 

That ending left me wanting for more...WHAT A FIGHT between Momonga & Demiurge (they are still master and peer but - a ruse) Who the heck is that Princess Renner... She looks kawaii and scary as shit!
Demiurge vs Lord Ains

Overall, if you want a dark epic anime, this is it. If you want an evil main character this is it. There are some hints in his monologue in the last episode that hints to that (well throughout the series he always did what we would considered evil BUT in this context it's acceptable... only by watching you would understand...) There is blood and fighting that last 10m per episode. There is comedy as well. Every NPC (Nazarick captains and Pleiades) are different. I really enjoy this show and I hope it doesn't take two years two have a third season.

So, why 8 instead of 9 or 10? Well first of all - NO ALBEDO! eheh and  because some episodes, even if they gave a bit of wide information about the world, it was very sparse and the story really didn't jump forward that much. I think the first 6 episodes were sub-par and in moments I thought this was another anime because the main characters are the lizards. I know the purpose was to give us more info on other races/places but they over do it. The last 6 episodes with Sebas and Demiurge were way better and I would have given a 10 without any question asked... so 6 and 10 divided it's equal 8 eheh

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