Anime Review: Teekyuu Season 1 to 9 + Takamiya Nasuno Desu!

With 9 seasons and each one with 12 episodes this anime has been around from some time ALTHOUGH  each episode is only 3 minutes long so there's that.

What's this about? Well Teekyuu means Tennis and this is about a Tennis Club girls but the only thing this is not it's an anime about Tennis Club, at all.

Basically this is a show about the antics about four girls Marimo (super-perverted girl), Kanae (physics-law defying girl) , Nasuno (super insanely rich) & Yuri (the normal one). Each one is as different as the other but when they are together stuff happens.

Each episode is individual, there is no connection between them and even if it's only 3 minutes long they have more monologues than most 25m anime. They spitfire entire sentences in 2x velocity of normal beings. At times it's hard just to follow what they are saying. My god. It's an adventure every single episode.

Will not win any kind of awards BUT, as you know there are a lot of 3 to 5m long anime. This one is in top 5 to me and to must lists I've seen in the internet. It's very complex since although it's wacky fun and absurd it never repeats the jokes.

There is also a spin off focus on Nasuno for some reason. She is not the most famous of the series BUT If I had to wonder, I would say it's because she is insanely rich and bought the artists to make a 12 episode show based on her. If you seen Teekyuu is basically the same (the other girls also appear on it). It's called Takamiya Nasuno Desu!

My recommendation? Go watch an episode (the first one if you want). Either you enjoy the premises or don't bother - it's all the same.


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