Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul (Summer 2014)

Summer 2014 was a good season for anime. Well lets be real - 2014 overall was quite good with 26 shows with rating above 8 while 2013 had only 17. Comparing per example with 2013 with only 17 and 2015 with 27.

Most shows that have sequels one interesting thing is that the rating usually goes UP while the total people watching goes DOWN. In case of Tokyo Ghoul it didn't happen that way. This one had a rating of 8 while the second season had a rating of 7.45. That's a big drop guys.

Lets be curious about this... In that season we've got some animes that sequels. 

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (8.34) While his sequel had 8.35 and the prequel had 8.00. So it got up. Speed Dandy season 2 had a rating of 8.28 while the first season had 7.88. Hanamonogatari had a rating of 8.08 while the one coming afterward (even if it was a prequel) had a rating of 9.03.  Free!: Eternal Summer had 7.86 while the prequel had 7.59. In my opinion MAL in the ranking boards shouldn't include every single season of anime or lest the top 20 be 6 Gintama or Haikyuu!! and others.. Probably one way to do this was a average of some sorts. I don't know... 

Well lets continue to Tokyo Ghoul. There are a lot of negativity reviews but with that rating something is wrong. The anime is not the best anime of year or even season for that matter BUT it's good.

This series focus on our main character Kaneki as he transforms from a human to a half-ghoul, half-human after Kaneki was critical injured by a woman ghoul called Rize while being herself injured in the process. So he awakes to find that some Rize's organs are inside him and thus he is reborn.

As the story progress, I won't make this a lengthily but from episode 2 or 3 through 7 or 8 is about Kaneki trying to comprehend whats the meaning of being a ghoul and the last four episodes are about a group of ghouls called Aogiri storming one district of the city by night while the police (or doves as they call them) try to recover ground.

But what's a ghoul? A ghoul is basically a half vampire / half ghoul with a weapon called Kagune that leaves his back and it's unique to each one. The police also uses Kagune inside a briefcase to help battle ghouls.

Before everything, I watched the uncensored version so I didn't have the same problem as other people had. I also didn't read the manga. But I know that a lot of stuff felt rushed. That ending was so rushed that the battle between the Aogiri vs Police vs Kaneko's friends didn't even end. 

There are a lot of side characters who appear just to be kill and we are suppose to be real scared by it BUT we aren't. Kaneki which entered that world only a small time it's a pain the ass because he is gutless and always crying. So again, the last episode that transformation - while its good it felt rushed and he become nigh immortal . Here we go again with a overpowered anime MC for second season. I bet that turn people off.

This anime is worth washing for the battle scenes and lore but for PLOT and characterization I wouldn't recommend it.  A lot of blood. The last two episodes while Kaneki suffers being cut a thousand times, cutting fingers and such and breaking bones is quite displeasing. I don't know what was the purpose (probably to make us understand why he absorved the Ghoul part of him?) I don't know...

Overall, I am going to watch season 2 (season 3 is coming) but I don't have much hopes...


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