Boardgame Storage Solution - Arkham Horror

Very big!!
Here we go for the Arkham Horror storage solution. It was the first game I physical have since the others were from Kickstarter and I was waiting for them.

I am missing Shadows of Brimstone (which I will make a compilation of entries since I am going to receive a ton of stuff (not a ton but 20 kilos of it?) :D

I will going to make in the near future This War of Mine, Gloomhaven and Trikcerion. Probably not Endure the Stars since I am trying to sell it. Mage Knight, The 7th Continent, Endangered Orphans, Wizards of the Wild, Journey: Wrath of Demons and Kingdom Death don't have any particular storage solution....

As I said I have all the expansions of Arkham Horror minus the Black Goat one which I didn't bought since it had almost nothing to the game.

I have everything in three different compartments. The first is the cards I use in every game. Mythos, Locations, Portals and other smaller cards like spells, items etc...

The second (the photo on the left) is all the cards from the expansions that I MIGHT or NOT use and all tokens. Basically I can put this game to play (after choosing the old one & investigators) in 5 or 10 m (maximum).

Last but not least I have have a dossier with all the old ones, investigators, and other cards. 

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