Boardgame Storage Solution - Lobotomy

I love boardgames, but one thing I really don't understand is the reason the manufactures spent a bit time to give us a good way to storage games. Most of times they are pretty useless. So you have to either spent time & money purchasing inner compartments that come for you to assemble or you make it yourself with foam. Both are time consuming (the latter a LOT of time consuming). 

Or you purchase other stuff to be easier to storage... I usually buy boxes OR use some chocolate boxes from Ferrero Rocher.

In this case (Lobotomy) is a boardgame with both gameplay elements and miniatures. It's a game I am trying to sell since I don't enjoy the gameplay. Way confusing for me.

Well, the stuff on the left I keep on top of the box which has all cardboard stuff & miniatures. The deck cards I keep separated with rubber plastic so it's pretty easy to put them on the table. My only problem here is the minatures which can be a bit problematic althought I separate them by heroes and elites and the minions all together (since there are only 3 different types is not that difficult...

About the game itself. I play only a couple of times and I didn't enjoy as I said. Probably because the rules were stupid and there was a lot of stuff that was not explained. But they release a version 2.0. (You can see it printed in the first photo).
cardboard & plastic tokens
Miniatures (most of them plus the doors). Beneath you can see the tiles plus the dice

The various decks divided by plastic rubber

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