Boardgame Storage Solution - Scythe

This one is Scythe. A kickstarter boardgame that receive a lot prizes. I think, don't quote me on that but I think it one several awards. Everything is inside the box. I couldn't do it with Eldritch Horror or Shadows of Brimstone or even Gloomhaven.
But here it was easier than the rest since the box is pretty big. I put everything in two identical boxes as you can see below. Two boxes with almost all miniatures and separated cardboard tokens. Some of the cards even fit there.

The rest of the decks have their own plastic around them. But this plastic has one problem... from time to time you have to substitute them because they break. Some printed material I took from BGG (Esoteric Order of Gamers). Beneath everything the board.
Two identical boxes with most stuff. 

 This is a good euro game. You can play solo OR with other people. A bit hard to explain to newcomers but it's very good. 
The remaining decks who don't feet the boxes

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