First Impressions Spring 2018 (Part One)

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So Spring is coming - Going to give my early feedback on some anime that I already watched the first episode and recommendations... 

Gonna think on somekind of terms for recommendation from me...

A20732-1837809040.1520467898Name Sweet Punishment (TV) (Not recommend)
Initial Thoughts Well here we go. Every season we have a hentai adult romance where the men forces himself on the helpless woman. Talk about giving a bad hype to anime. Glad these shows are not that known outside our little niche...

Thoughts on watching: With 5m hentai anime of course I am sitting around.

Initial Rating / How's going to perform?  As other animes from this genre I bet the rating of this on MAL is going to be  4.5 to 5.5

Name Uma Musume Pretty Derby (TV) (Unless you play the game OUR love slice of life skip it - Recommend with reservations)

Initial Thoughts So we have a slice of life mix with sports where women-horse girls compete among themselves? I really enjoy PA Works works so I will try to watch more episodes to decide if it's worth it.... Mix of Keijo!!!! with Sakura Quest.
Thoughts on watching: Gonna watch because I enjoy other PA Works but if I don't care about the characters I will drop it. This anime is to be watch 2 or 3 episodes at a time instead one per week.
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? I bet this anime is going to perform between 6.5 to 7.5.  

Initial ThoughtsThis is Ancient Magus Bride - Remade? A woman is force to marry a Oni? Damn the similarities.
Thoughts on watching: It remind me of Ancient Magus Bride and Youkai Apartment. The animation is okay but nothing that interesting... unless something spike my interest I will drop it.

Initial Rating / How's going to perform? 
This anime will fair bad. I bet under 6.5 UNLESS something happens...


Name Space Battleship Tiramisu (TV) (Not recommend)

Initial Thoughts  This is very odd... A food mecha comedy show? Since it's 7 minutes long only I will watch it..
Thoughts on watching: If this anime wasn't 7 m long I would have dropped in a instance. It's not that good anime. Somewhat entertaining comedy but the mecha part was pretty bad.

Initial Rating / How's going to perform? I would bet a rating under 6. Probably between 5 to 6.3


Name  Captain Tsubasa (TV 2018) (Impartial being here - Sorry) Highly recommendation for nostalogia factor OR a good sports anime)

Initial Thoughts  I will only say - NOSTALOGIA
Thoughts on watching: AWESOME. Anime of the season already!
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? 
To me? 10! But I think the animation is pretty good and the story is very similar to the first anime which is a plus. I believe that unless they screw the football scenes this anime can rate between 7.5/8.


Name Magical Girl Ore (TV) (Recommend with reservations - only if you are into Magical Girls)

Initial Thoughts This anime is so strange yet funny. I believe for the fun factor it will have been good one BUT since there are a lot fan boys of Magical Girls I almost belive this will get criticize a lot
Thoughts on watching: I enjoyed. Gonna watch a couple more episodes but unless it goes wrong I will stay with it.
Initial Rating / How's going to perform?  This is a tricky one. Around 6 to 7

Name GeGeGe no KitarĊ (TV 2018) (Recommend with reservations to people who enjoy slice of life mix with Youkai Apartment per example)

Initial Thoughts  Being a Toei show I had some expectations. Having enjoy both Tiger Mask & Kado. The first episode was quite interesting.  Fluid animatino way better than Kado & Tiger Mask.
Thoughts on watching: 
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? 
IT's a remake. I bet people will enjoy it. Animation is great but it's an anime that could either go two ways...  Between 6 and 7.


Name Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis (TV) (Cannot recommend - I am going to skip it... )

Initial Thoughts What a heck! This animation sucks so big time. Dropped it.
Thoughts on watching: 
Initial Rating / How's going to perform?  I think this anime doesn't have the means to become Ajin which was "accepted" as a good CGI (not as Land of the Lustrous). But I bet it's going to end with a rating under 6. Probably between 5 to 6.

Initial Thoughts  WOW
Thoughts on watching:  Having recently watch the first couple of Episodes from the OVA I was expecting much. And this delivered. It's not as good as the OVA (sorry CGI has his problems) because the first OVA divided attention between the two commanders while this anime it does not. It does not show as the first OVA how bad Free Planets Alliance commanders were. Yang almost doesn't appear (althought I prefer the german guy :D)
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? This anime will suffer because of the damned CGI which are usually hated throughout the community. Still, they are not that bad comparing per example with Fist of Blue Sky. I believe people will understand how great this anime is and the rating will be high. Plot and Character wise are very good. Over 8. 

A20424-2087433367.1518895480Name Tachibanakan To Lie Angle (TV) (Shoujo Ai? Recommend - If you don't enjoy that - skip it)

Initial Thoughts  Another 5m series from Creators in Pack. This one has more ecchi than their previous series BUT....
Thoughts on watching: Well kawaii it's a way to phrase but ntohing to interesting. The only reason, If I am going to watch it it's because it's 5m long.
Initial Rating / How's going to perform?  this anime like all creators in pack will fare pretty bad. I highly doubt it can achieve a rating higher than 6. UNLESS the boobs get in the way :D and then probably a rating of 6.5 will be more probable.


Name Real Girl (TV) (Slice of Life with Comedy Recommend But with reservations)

Initial Thoughts He is a Otaku who loves magical girls and she is quite normal girl. But in the first episode he made that trope in anime they make. People with no skills trying hard fighting. It seems they have all courage of a lion! But so far so good. Interesting. The girl reminds me one of the girls from Netsuzou Trap (the one who was abused and went with the flow..). After the kissing and such what will come out of this?
Thoughts on watching: It's nothing impressing or something like that but it's good. Some comedy scenes. 
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? Either this can be a cliche or something new. Rating of either 6 to 7.5. This company made Drifters but most are anime like this one so if I had to throw a realistic number 7 to 7.5.

Name Lupin the Third: Part 5 (TV) (Recommend if you want to get into Lupin the third) 

Initial Thoughts I've watch lupin (the old cartoons) in Portugal TV a long time ago and I enjoy it a lot. This first episode really remind me who lupin and the rest of the characters was. After all this company has being making this anime for 40 years. 
Thoughts on watching: Nostalgia and a good anime. You don't need to know nothing to start here after all they are episodic. You will soon know who is who, after all there are only 4 robbers plus the detective. Everyone else are minor.
Initial Rating / How's going to perform? This anime will have more than 7.5 but no more than 8.

Still going to be released - So I will rate them later on...



Maybe I watch them BUT I have yet to watch all the prequels (SAO and Tokyo Ghoul only watch first season). I am finish High School DxD (6 episodes to go so I bet by the time it air I will be watching it).


Not going to watch - unless I see interesting reviews and such but I bet it won't...


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