First Impressions Spring 2018 (Part Two)

A19934-2454289477.1513793820Alice or Alice
Initial Thoughts: This anime is 4m long so I am going to watch it until the end but it reminds me of other anime that focus on little girl, big voluptuous gelatinous boobs... Don't watch with your parents or any kind of family or friends nearby unless you want them to call the FBI.

The Plot? There was one? I was concentrated in something else...

Not recommended (but if you enjoy stuff like this - it's 3m long so try it) Rating wise - Less than 5.5.

A20225-610703691.1521124850Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (Tada Doesn't Fall in Love)
Initial Thoughts: This is a tale with a foreigner meeting a japanese guy. Funny from the start. It's romance. The first one this season. Unless you consider the crap this was - Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits or Real Girl. While the first was a copy paste from another anime (or animes) the latter is more focus on comedy and less slice of life. Can't really compare the two. 

If you want a Romance anime mix with Slice of Life - it's highly recommended. Rating wise - Between 7 and 8.

Comic Girls

A20048-2038169866.1516421912Initial Thoughts: I initial thought it was comedy but after all this is a show about Cute Girls doing Cute Girls, while living together and learning something new. If you enjoyed shows like Urara, Konohana Kitan, New Game, Yuru Camp (minus the landscape) etc then you sure will enjoy this one as well. For now this is the show to watch before sleeping like the others before.

Recommend if you enjoy the shows I said before. You will not be disappointed. If you don't like cute girls doing cute things then skip it. There is nothing more than this.  Between 6.5/7.5

Megalo Box
Initial Thoughts: Great first episode. The art is old no CGI for noone to conplain but people will complain that the art is so 80's. This is a anniversary edition of Joe (the boxer anime) so I think they really choose correctly.

Recommend if you enjoy the shows the 80/90 shows. If you like boxing but if not it's not that important since it also focus on the characters as well. This show will fare well. I am going to say it's going to have a rating up 7.70.

A19908-3627321982.1521137014Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dance with Dragons)
Initial Thoughts: After ten minutes I was tottally lost. They spat forward so much information and characters that was so confusing.

Not recommended at this point. It may be good but so far it's a mess. Not that good art and writing. I dropped it. Maybe I will try later on when more episodes are out. 

I bet this anime is one of those majority animes that pass this season and in 6 months you can't even remember the name of it... Rating less than 6.5. 

A20553-3300951296.1518750836Akkun to Kanojo 
Initial Thoughts: Well another 3m anime about young love. A bit stupid.  Our main character is a monster as he talks to his girlfriend but then when she is around he revers her.

Recommend? I cannot. But since it's only 3m long why not?

Another anime that won't surpass the rating of 6.5


Initial Thoughts: Well I Think baseball is boring and this anime didn't disapoint me in that regard. Our main character only thinks about how much money everyone do and how he can make more. Boring MC. Boring Plot. Gonna watch another ep but I bet it's going to be drop for me... He doesn't care about the game at all..

Cannot recommend at all. I even bet that the rating will be less than 5.8.

A20511-2213855556.1520135465Mahou Shoujo Site
Initial thoughts: This first episode was really a heart breaking episode. So basically for the first 20m we've seen her being bullied by her colleagues,  beaten by her brother and almost raped. Oh and they killed her cat. Talk about suicide call.

I am looking forward to the rest of the anime BUT I don't if they are going to screw up like Ousama Game per example or even Evil or Live.
Recommended but not the faint of heart. Rating between 7 to 8 unless they really screw up then it's going above 6.


Initial thoughts: Don't really know what this anime is about. Comedy? Yakuza ? Super powers? Mix with Slice of Life and coming of age. With a bit in the beginning of isekai/fantasy?

Recommended wholeheartedly.It think this anime will be a top contender in most people top 5 lists.. Rating above 7.5


Boku no Hero Academia 3 Season

Initial thoughts: Need I say more? 2 Season was anime of the Year so... The first ep is the normal swimsuit episode.

Recommended for those who already watch it if not - try it. above 8.5.


Devil's Line

Initial thoughts:Well I need to watch another episode to figure out what to think. For once it's horror but the animation is not that good. Sub-par - very much alike Kokkuku or Tokyo Ghoul (But instead of ghouls are vampires). They sure walk a lot with their eyes closed.... Vampires & some fast pace battles.. 

Recommended with reservations Between 6.5 and 7.5

A20566-2845495166.1521245623Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen (3 Season)

Initial thoughts: This is the third season of this 4 minutes anime that mix chibi characters and fictitious with some real historic ones. Quite interesting to watch. Probably one of my favorite 3 to 10m anime. Mix with imprecision this are real historic situations so learn!

Recommended for those who already watch it if not - Go! Unfortunally the rating will be less than 7 but that's good.

Still a lot to come... This season so far it's being quite good and several genres.
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