Music, the ten most important albuns of my life.

Most influential bands/cds of my life.

Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast was the first non-heavy metal band I heard and I was enamored with it. The lyrics focusing on Elizabeth Bathory made me look into vampirism and history. It made me what I am. Guys, this album is probably the most influential cd of my life. I had negative marks in english -When I tried to translate them my love for English grew. So tell me, how can this be in number one? I might like more the CD Dusk and Her Embrace in terms of sound BUT this one is the most influential without a single doubt. 

Everything I enjoy grew from this...

Cradle of Filth - Dusk and Her Embrace after purchasing the Cruelty and the Beast I remember purchasing Dusk and it was different but as good. I remember and still do that at the time I didn't enjoy as much and relegated to sideways but now after 20 years I have no doubt to say that Dusk and her Embrace have better sound that cruelty but cruelty is in another tier for me. Nowadays it's probably the CD I hear more besides the new post black metal stuff I tend to hear.

Anorexia Nervosa - Drudhenhaus If Cradle of Filth is my favourite band Anorexia Nervosa is not BUT their Drudhenhaus CD got me loving Symphonic Black Metal again when I was in a more Power Metal phase. It was around 5/6 years after my discovery of Cradle. The lyrics in english, french, german, italian and latin all mix together and the chaos orquestra behind it while the vocalist SCREAMS in a way Dani (from cradle) could not made my love the cd. I've heard this cd every single month for 15 years and still enjoy it. Their other albuns were not as good since they change the style a bit. Later they ended their band because the vocalist left.

Stormlord - War: Supreme Art - I enjoy a lot of Cradle and when I heard Stormlord I thought, well this is it the new leaf of my kind of metal. Alas the band lost her way with their other cds but this one still clings to my heart. The vocals are more akin to Anorexia Nervosa and the lyrics are focus on Roma and Fantasy. It was fast and furious (before the movie existed). The title track has probably the fastest drums I've ever heard.

Desire - Ahh Desire a Portuguese band that I met and heard in real life only a couple of months ago. When I purchase Locus Horrendus I was a fan. Slow doom metal with their mix voices was really awesome. But this band comes into life after my dark moments. If I am hearing them then most probably I am sad and depressed. The Rest of the CD's are also good but Locus Horrendus really hit the mark. If you hear it and read the lyrics probably you gonna be depressed....

Moonspell - Alma Mater - Another portuguese band that I only discover several years after Cradle of Filth. And Alma Matter become a instant favourite with the title track being among my favourite musics. I've heard live several times (3 or 4) I think. The title track Alma Matter played at my wedding, a surprise from my wife - Most people where - what? But heck it's our DAY.

Rhapsody (& Luca Turilli) - If there is a band that never released anything bad it's Rhapsody and Luca Turilli. I enjoy almost all their albuns (although I think the last three are a bit of let down and nothing new was really made). Probably until Rain of Thousand Flames are all good then it's more the same (which is not that bad BUT...) The Village of the Dwarves from the 3 CD play at my wedding as a intro music.

Tvangeste - Firestorm When I was enjoying more and more symphonic metal I discovered Tvangeste. It was a time I was also reading about paganism and such and this cd is a concept cd about baltic paganism and their struggle. I discover Perkunos -and voila, this blog was created. I still hear the CD but nowadays their vocals are not among my favourite I might say. But in terms of sound? One of the best.

Windir I only discovered Winder after he died. I enjoy his viking metal musics but what motivate me to enjoy even more was his act. His first two cds were made by him (only) and he was around 16/17. That's saying a lot. I shall put here one of the musics...

This live version was made as dvd special as all money went to Valfar family. I might be mistaken but his brother is the singer. If you like the original is here

Sirius - At tenth place is Sirius a pretty old black metal band which was one of the first bands of Symphonic Black Metal I heard after they all they play at my school. I didn't enjoy the CD they recorded with the Emperor dudes but the cassete called ...the Eclipse (The Summons of the Warriors of Armageddon). The theme dealt with the cosmos and mysticism. I still have the cassette but no player eheh

I don't know why it's an inverted cross. They are totally not satanic. Oh well...

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