Anime Review: Zombieland Saga, Yagate Kimi ni Naru, SSSS.Gridman & Release the Spyce (Fall 2018)

This four shows were good entertainment but nothing that I would be recommending to anyone. It serves the purpose of a Seasonal Anime. 
Zombieland Saga is a show about a group of dead idol girls as they try to find their place in the living world. There were some cool moments and the only main protagonist is the same voice actor of Stein's Gate mad scientist and its no doubt one of the main reasons to watch the show if not the main. The idol part, there were some good musics but as far as the plot goes - well it goes nowhere. As I said it's just a show of coming to terms they were dead and still want/have to be idols. 6/10 
Studio Mappa
Genre Music, Comedy & Supernatural 
Rate on MAL - 7.78

Yagate Kimi ni Naru it's the Shoujo Ai of the season. A girl loves another while the "another" does not - and it's a journey of self discovery and one that made me cringe a couple of times. It seems you are not born a gay or lesbian but "turn" into one. Lets look at our main character. She's got no indication she is into girls but then you've got this hot chick unto you and after several advances and kisses and such she finally realizes... well I might be gay. Nevertheless it's a good anime with two interesting main characters. Great artwork and animation and okay plot. Another anime I wouldn't suggest to anyone. 7/10 
Genre School & Shoujo Ai
Rate on MAL - 7.99

SSSS Gridman it's the new tale by Trigger and it's a bit of a failure in my opinion. This is a remake (if you want) Of a live action tv series with the same name. I've not watch it btw.... Nevertheless in this tale we follow three friends who fight different kaiju (mecha like beings) each episode. After the battle only the three of them remember the Kaiju and the destruction it made. You've also have goddess like girl who "makes" the Kaiju. Then after a couple of episodes it turn waywired with virtual reality stuff. Being trigger show it has a very distinctive feel and I enjoy it - but then again it's another show that nobody will remember in a couple of months. 6/10
Studio Trigger
Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Rate on MAL - 7.50

Release the Spyce it's the girl show where five/six girls are turn into techno-ninjas and fight evil organizations while doing some kind of drug "aka" Spyce. It's also a coming of age of one of the girls as she learns how to fight. It's that show that features almost no man (unless they are evil doers) and girls almost lesbian but not that quite. It has a lot of action and cuteness... Nothing worth remembering about. 5/10

Studio Lay-duce
Genre Action, School
Rate on MaL 7.05


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