Best books for you to read

Want do you want to read?
My recommendations...

Agatha Christie - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Mystery novel. Probably the best ever written)

Horror / Post Apocalpytic
Nevil Shute - On the Beach (Post Apocalyptic fiction masterpiece. Grim and depressing)
Stephen King - The Long Walk (Another dystopia novel. So far the best Stephen King novel)
James Herbert - Rats (Good horror story. A novella sized one. A bit outdated but nevertheless a good one.)
Carlton Mellick III - Zombies and Shit (A good bizarro story with horror/post apocalpytic/zombie elements)

Lois Lowry - The Giver (Dystopia YA at it's best. Recommended)

Frank Herbert - Dune (If there is a masterpiece of Sci-Fi this is it)
Jules Verne  - Journey to the Center of the Earth (Probably one of my favorite novels)
Jack CampbellDauntless (The Lost Fleet, #1)

JRR Tolkien - Lord of the Rings (Of couse this is the masterpiece of Fantasy)
Karl Edward Wagner - Darkness Weaves (A champion of pulp fiction at it's best, fantasy horror and Anti-Heroes mix) 
Margaret Weis - Soulforge (Where it all began - my passion for fantasy)
Robert E Howard - Bran Mak Morn (What can you say about the father of Sword & Sorcery)
Brandon Sanderson - The Emperor's Soul

Black Library
Gordon Rennie - Zavant (Sherlock meets Indiana - Excellent short stories)

Dan Abnett & Nik Vincent - Gilead's Blood (A depressing melancholic champion. Excellent)
Dan Abnett & Mike Lee -Malus Darkblade 5 books (An evil character as a main character. WoW)
William King - Trollslayer SkavenslayerDaemonSlayer Dragonslayer Beastslayer (Storyteller and great creator of characters and ambient - addictive)

Steve Lyons - Fifteen Hours (How hard a guardsman life is... Epic)
Brian Craig - Pawn of Chaos (How far can you fall? What is evil and what is good?)
Jack Yeovil - Drachenfels (A vampire story in the grim old Worlde)

War Novels
George Robert Elford - Devil's Guard (Nazis in Indochina. True story. Top Notch)


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