Book Review: TrollSlayer (I) - William King

Pages : 315
Publisher: Black Library
Author : William King

This is the first book of the Gotrek and Felix Saga and this was the first book of warhammmer I bought.

I was reading at the time some book of Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms. I try to read it and I quit after reading about 50 pages or so. Some time afterwords after reading the GILEAD'S BLOOD I try it again.. this time I didn't stop. Some of the previews before say it all. I like a lot of the dwarf with his bound-code of honor. It's nice to see a character not following some human characteristics. I mean... I've read some books with dwarves and elves and some of them put human characteristics in it or the other way around. They follow and never leave the general characteristics of a race. In general I like it a lot. Something didn't feel right although. Gotrek it's almost invincible. I don't like that in a character. But besides that everything fits alright.
(This is what I wrote before I knew what were the Slayers)
Now that I know about them I think it is good that he don't die lol
He is the least well succeeded slayer. The one who wants to die and cannot.
Well this is not a novel in the way of continuous story but several stories combined.

There are 7 stories.

The first is when we meet the adventures and know why they are together. This story it's about a cult operating in the woods who try to run over the slayer. They follow the carriage and go after the cultits. (This is where he loses his eye)
The second story they follow a caravan of a doom baron. Here they fight undead and goblins and wolfs.
The third they follow a templar, a mage and a ranger to a dwarf city where they fight orcs.

There are more 4 stories. I think every one that likes dwarves would like this book. Or everyone who wants to read about a guy who is a total failure. He cannot even die. (kidding)

Before each battle the Trollslayer passes his finger in his axe making it bleed. I bet his fingers are full of scars lol. 9/10
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