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Reading Challenge

With four months now finish (so a third) and I've read 29 novels. That's 3/4 above my goal of 75 for the time being. I really hope to continue with this rate but I don't know. I've read less in April but I just started a new job so I had less mental disponibility... Is this a word? So far 7955 pages read. 1 Star) - Imago Sequence, Doctor Who: An Ordinary Life; Doctor Who: The Yes Man; Books of Blood 2 2 Star) - Roadwork, Doctor Who The Bounty of Ceres, The Lost Starship (1), The Last Ritual, Lord of Spiders (2), Master of the Pit (3), Jewel of Jarhen (5), Book of Blood (3) 3) Liquidate Paris, Dead Sea Chronicles, Under the Green Star (1),The Magpie Coffin (1) 4) Terms of Enlistment, Dead Sea, Relentless (5), Labour of Hercules, Karnov Phantom -Clad Rider of the Comic Ice, Jogo Macabro, The Wrack, High Planes Drifter (1) 5) Sorcerer's Stone (1), Uzumaki, Deacon of Wounds, Skarsnik, Ender's Game, Blood and Steel  I have some deep problem in finishing Series... So

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