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Book Review: Skarsnik - Guy Haley

 I don't know if this happens to anyone else besides me, but at times I just don't want to finish a book. I want to revel in it. I feel so enraptured that I don't want to finish it. Maybe it's a fear of ending something that I am enjoying or fear that the ending will not be as good. I don't know. That's another reason I have some issues finish trilogies, series and so on. Crazy... Well this story is probably the first told in the perspective of a goblin. We've seen cultists perspectives, elves, dwarves but always this "smart" bunch (evil or good). This time we've got a goblin perspective (There is also some skaven books Thanquol's and Headtaker). This goblin is smart, it's not a dumb like all his peers. It's evil, cruel but a goblin. True be told, at times it look like some evil looking person but at times some of his actions were goblinesque. This story is being told by a playwright who, although quite crazy, want to tell the world

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