Review: Lady of Poison - Bruce R. Cordell

Title: Lady of Poison (The Priests Book I)
Author: Bruce R Cordell
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (Forgotten Realms novel)
Pages: 320
Year: 2004
Reading Time: 3 days (13/Feb/2009 to 15/Feb/2009)
Rating: 7.5/10

When I read this book I was staying at the hospital because of my ashtma... It was a good time to read. I remember I read Second Game by Charles de Vet and Katherine McLean, I read this one, I read Ten Little Niggers by Agatha Christie, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman, Mistress of the Night by Dave Gross and Bassingthwaite (The second book on the Priests Series) and The Association by Bentley Little.

Well this was some book... I've being away from Forgotten Realms for over two years but I always was interested in the story behind it and all the D&D games... So I have it a try. It wasn't the best of the books but it wasn't that bad. Most of all I loved the way the author writes... It enraptures us...
I noticed some persons complain about the editing and errors... I really don't care about it. Unless it's some pretty big errors my mind never focus on it... (I think that's a good thing).
Some of the lines were not that good... They looked like taken from some supplement book. But even that wasn't enough to bother me... That way I learn more things about the setting...
Now the plot... I think the title wasn't the right for it. The Talona's clergy (the evil doers on this plot) weren't that involved on the story. I think something like Lady of the Forest would do nicely but whom am I? I thought that this book was written in a evil character point of view but no... (That's why I would change the title)
Resume... The book is about a priest of Lurue who is concerned about the deity's waning power and the losing the connection to it. It's just this. Nothing more... Okay, he meets some persons on the way who have the same goal and there they go...
There were some interesting characters like his sidekick and the magician even with a bit-a-wit of Deus Ex Machina...
Another thing that bothers me (not only on this book but others as well) is the way the author writes about the power of the villains and then they are easily dispatched.
The Dialogues are not that great and sometimes they look like teenagers...
I've bought other book by Cordell. I really hope it's better... Let us see.
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