Review: Daemonslayer (III) - William King

Title Daemonslayer
Author William King
Pages 285
Year 1999
Publisher Black Library
Reading time 12 days (August 2007)
Rating 10 / 10

After reading Skavenslayer I waited for a couple of months to read Daemonslayer. Well I read it and love it. It was as good as the previous novel. This was the first book as a all novel thingy... I enjoyed it and ended up so good as Skavenslayer.
In this book the duo is travelling north to Karag Dum one of the mightiest dwarf cities. It was lost over two centuries ago in the last incursion to chaos. Since there is no news from them and now due to a new machine they can reached without going insane or mad or die by the Chaos Wastes.

Our heroes travel to a Tower where they join other dwarves and by Borek Forkbeard (the one leading the expediction). Some of them will be recurring characters such as Snorri Nosebiter and the Mad Inventor Malakai Makaisson. There they travell by a zepellin to the mightiest of the northern citadels.
In this book Thanquol and his lackey Lurk Snitchtongue appear yet again with Snitchtongue travelling north inside the machine.
William King can really make us flop each page full of battles, strategies and traveling. If the last book we learn about Skaven Society here we learn about the Dwarven Society.
So what's they after? Well besides trying to figure out about the lost dwarves they want to find as well the Hammer of Fate and the Runemaster's Axe.

In this book Gotrek fights a Bloodthirster of Khorne (Greater Daemon of immense power). In the end Gotrek established as quasi-invicible. What in the name of Sigmar is more powerful that a Greater Daemon? Well at least he loses and eye on this novel.

Here you find more about Felix developning as a character. He is becoming a different person from the first novels and there is also love involved on this book. Also Felix is starting to becoming more and more akin to Gotrek....
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