Disaster Movies - Part II (Megafault)

Now this is an awful movie. It almost made me cried... I really wanted to stop seeing because the book was just awful... It's like torture.


When you make a disaster movie you choose what disaster you want to create and then you combine that with a good plot and good characters... Well this movie was just weird. The characters were weak without any depth. No character was good. Not even the late Brittany Murphy.

The story is somewhat odd.. Well some guy (one of the main characters) detonated TNT in some mines... What happened? Some earthquake happens in a zone where our main character, a seismologist says that that area should have none earthquakes due to the platonic plaques don't something in that area. Well so why this earthquake happened? Well then... earthquakes continue to happen along in an area, sometimes they seem to follow the main characters. A guy is running away in a truck and the fault just follows him. And then again with the father and daughter when they pick a truck to get to a city... Talk about pursuit. Well then the husband and daughter of the seismologist is going back up home through a airplane and somehow the plane loses connection with earth... and then what happens? Well... a plane crashes again other plane (what a hell? What are the odds???) Well... the only survivors in the plane is who? Both father and daughter... the dramatic of the movie.. the father is looking after the girl after they crash and the daughter is several hundreds meters of the plane crash. The military don't work as military. They look like some... bimbos... who have a weapon that creates an earthquake (isn't that nice.. and in handy). The seismologist and the guy who denotated the TNT loses family and don't even mourn them...

And the effects? Computer make as usual but with such bad quality... Watch a trailer and then see for yourself...

Megafault has an interesting title but the caps letter should have been on the F. It's truly a megaFault. I would give this movie in a scale 1 throught 10, 2. No more. And the 2 it's because is a disaster movie.
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