Review: Joan-Of-Arc Replay by Pierre Barbet

Title Joan-Of-Arc Replay
Author Pierre Barbet
Pages 189
Year 1973
Publisher Daw (287)
Reading time 8 days
Rating 7,5 / 10

I've been trying to review every book I read but it's kind of hard and I am a bit of lazy I must say. But if I don't do it when I forget about this book I will have to read it again. So I want to try to make reviews about every book I read so I can remember later. And mayhaps then I will read it again. Since I am at home for the next month due to my surgery I will try to review some books...
This was the first book I read last year. It was not great but it was entertaining. There are two aliens (who are historians) who are seeing one event in one planet. One event that resembles our Joan-the-Arc eveent. So one of them says that history repeats itself no matter what and the other does not believe it. They came to the world to live the all experience and see what happens. But then one of them starts making little changes that ends up messing all up.
This book was entertaining as I said before... It flows nicely and we come to care about the characters. It is a small book but the characters are well portraited and if you like History then this will be a good book to read. The main concerns is well history... why do history or the events history portraits happen the way they do? What happens if something change in the equation? And so on... It's like reading an alternate history novel like those Harry Turtledove is so famous about.

I have more books by Pierre Barbet and I am sure going to read them... sometime...
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