Book Review: When The Wind Blows - James Patterson

Title When the Wind Blows
Author James Patterson
Pages 468
Year 1998
Publisher Headline
Reading time 3 days (January 2010)
Rating 3 / 10

This was the worst book I read in a year or more. I have failed to finish a couple of books last year, but none was worst that these one. It sounded a good story and that's why I pick it up. Having read a previous book by him (The Jester) and liked it I thought this one was had the same formula... It had but everything was horrible. The plot was dull and after the first chapters it went nowhere. The "Good"characters are excepcionally good (and adonis like) and the "Evil" guys are masters of horror alike. They are non-dimensional without true human qualities. They are just evil or good. take a pick. Even the writing was completly strange and went nowhere. It just add chapter after chapter. The book had more than one hundred chapters... some of them I just read a sentence a page after a while. They didn't add anything. Then the female main character was on the first person and the rest of the book in the third... what?? That's even weirder...

If you want to read about animal experimentation well read The Island of Doctor Moreau. But stay away from this book...
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