Review: Raiser of Gales - Hideyuki Kikuchi

Title Vampire Hunter D - Raiser of Gales (II)
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Pages 215
Year 1985
Reading Time 16 (March 2010)
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Title Vampire Hunter D - Raiser of Gales (II) (Manga)
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Pages 200
Year 2007
Reading Time 16 (March 2010)
Rating 6.5 out of 10

This is the second of the world aclaimed Vampire Hunter D's series. I had already read the first in the beginning of January and I enjoyed it So two months later I started the second which I didn't find that good compared to the first. In the plus side is the main character caracterization which improved with this book. We get to know a couple of things we didn't knew before but even with this couple of good things there are a lot to discovered (or unveil). The world and the scenery is one of the best I have ever read. We also learn a bit more about the world and it's history. I really hope that the next books will give us some more info.

Now the plot; D is called to a town where the villagers think that the vampires are capable of walkin in the daylight and now they want them dead. We get to learn a bit more of that village and we learn that 4 people were abducted and returned with no memories. We get a girl (as the previous book) called Lina and she is very intelligent for her age and she has always was interested to learn about the history of Nobility. Lina follows D as they try to find out what happenend and what will happen.
The end was somewhat good even if it was preticted.

I think this book was a little different of the first both on D character (a lot more romantic) and of the female character (also more romantic and girlish). The conversations between D and D's hand is quite good and comic. (I really hope he explores them in later books)

The Translation: Well... English and Japanese are very different languages. Even if you translate english to portuguese doesn't feel right I can't imagine japanese to english. I think there are a couple of flaws but in the end it is a good translation.

The illustrations are very good and I find that Amano is excelent painter and I think he really understands D with his paintings. This book paintings and Cover were of a darker D.

The Manga book... I don't have anything to say about the book besides being a little weaker than the first. I don't think that they make justice of the novels. The only thing good on them are the nude girls because everything else is not that good.
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