Book Review: Stargate Atlantis: Entaglement - Martha Wells

Title Stargate Atlantis: Entaglement
Author Martha Wells
Pages 208
Year 2007
Reading Time 3 (March 2010)
Rating 7 out of 10

This was the second novel of stargate I read and the second of Martha Wells. On this one she continues her well-crafted characters and it was undoubtaly the best part of the novel. The plot itself is not complictated... Our special team founds a mirror that it's more than it seems. This "mirror" as they found out is a portal of some sorts to another universe, a paralel universe. When they are researching more of this mirror they find a strangler that believes that she is from the other side. But this person is more than it seems... Then the wraith appears and all hell is loose.

What I thought it was a good plot but the nature of this stranger is too big for not being presented in the series... I think the discover of another universe where the ancient and the wraits co-existed and this half being is as I said to big not to be mention in a serie. Well apart from this the novel was a good one and I read it quite fast.

I have two or three more novels and I Shall read them in the near future.


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