Book Review: Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary - Martha Wells

Title Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary
Author Martha Wells
Pages 220
Year 2006
Reading Time 5 (November 2009)
Rating 7 out of 10

I started reading this book sometime after the last episode of Stargate Atlantis. I always loved Stargate Atlantis, even more than the original or this new series Stargate Universe. One of my favourite characters was Rodney McKay... He remmid me of a good Dr House. Well when I saw this book I had to get it. I think Wells is a good fan of Stargate and she has done her homework because the characters are well written and their mannerisms are just as they are portrayed on Television. This story is a good one and it's kind of a suspense novel because we get the feeling of the adventure beneath the atlatean outpost and when they met the survivor, well the plot thickens and things start to get worse... (as it happens on my stargate episodes). I think it was a good tie-in and it made me bought a couple others...
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