Review: Flu - Wayne Simmons

Title Flu
Author Wayne Simmons
Pages 282
Year 2010
Reading Time 12 (April 2009)
Rating 8/10

This was a book that as soon as I received I start reading it. It is a theme I enjoy and it was a small book. All good qualities... It was my first book of this new author (not suprising since he's got only one other book called Drop Dead Gorgeous).

This book had an interesting concept of how the zombies were "created". Each book with zombies try to explain how where they created... This book it was the flu... It all that worry about the pandemic flu lying around it was a good concept... The Flu mutated and behold...

We follow several characters from cops to ex-ira member or military men, as they tried to survive the end of civilization. In the end almost all of them are joined (or death). The ending strongly suggests that this is not over and we will get a sequel. It's not necessary but if he writes it I will buy it. As I said most of the characters are interesting but some are underdevolped and they are only there to die. The zombies in the other end are driven by hunger and perhaps warmth (why are fascinated by fire?)

In this world of death and chaos there aren't any Good Knight in shinning armor. All characters have their flaws and sometimes they do something humane but in the end they only want to survive in this new world. I enjoyed the book and Wayne Simmons is a author to check it out.
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