Review: Stars Wars - Michael Raeves & Steve Perry

Title Death Star
Author Michael Raeves & Steve Perry
Pages 425
Year 2008
Reading Time 8 (May 2010)
Rating 7 out of 10

I've never read anything by both these two authors. But for what I know they both have written several novels each.

Being a Star Wars afficionado when I saw this book I said to myself that this one should be a sure one but after reading some awful reviews I was taken aback and only by a chance did I get this one.

I was glad I did. This book covers some ten charactes pov's in the Death Star. Besides Darth Vader, Tarkin that we already know from the movie everyone other character is new.

Well so what's this novel all about? Well, The Death Star is like a giant city right? There are milions of humans there (and other kinds). We think as we see the movie tha there are only military man. But there isn't. There is a all structure behind. From the female alien that runs the cantina where the stormtroopers go to relax to the medical doctor or the librarian. Besides this characters we see some other elements that are importants.. what was going on in the head of the soldier who pressed the button and destroyed Alderaan? Or who train all those soldiers? Who were the Tie-Fighters?

Well this is a full novel with several pov as I said and most of them are pretty good. I read it pretty fast and I enjoyed it. There are also parts from the films that occurred on the Death Star.

One of the best characters is undoubtly Lord Vader. In the movie as we follow the plotline we almost think Tarkin commands Darth Vader but that's not true. Darth Vader answers to no-one excepts the Emperor. And in the book we see the feelings other person have towards Darth. As he passes people are blown away with cold fury. They are all afraid of it. We get to see some of his doings. Some of them that elevates him to a new all level. This is the Darth Vader that should have been from the start.

The rest of the plot is the feelings of this characters towards the empire as they switch sides.. What happened to them we may ask but this book doesn't answer.

The rating is for the Darth Vader parts and the "what's behind those people we see in the movie but don't care". It's like an interaction TV as we see a football game but instead only seeing the ball and the players with it I decide to follow other footballer players or the bench of even the public. It's very good. Maybe one day the make a movie like that...
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