Review: Death Hulk - Matthew Sprange

Title - Death Hulk
Author - Matthew Sprange
Year - 2006
Stand Alone or series - Part of Tomes of the Dead Series but Stand Alone
Pages - 276
Rating - 7/10
Reading Time - 9 days (May & June 2008)

Orders to chase down the French frigate Elita off the Cape of Good Hope came as welcome news to Captain Havelock. Stranded with the rest of the fleet at Spithead while waiting for France to initiate hostilities was an unwelcome duty for any up and coming officer. Here was a chance for glory - and prize money! The duel between the Whirlwind and its enemy would prove to be far from easy though. Very soon, Captain Havelock would come to realise that theirs were not the only two warships in the southern ocean, and an enemy long since thought to be vanquished would return from the dead to exact a terrible vengeance!

I have all Abaddon books of all series. I enjoy the premises so I bought them. This book was the first one I had the pleasure of reading. Now the best book in the block but I wasn't dissapointed. Zombies in ships. It reminds of Pirates of Carabean and Fell Cargo by Dan Abnett. It also reminds me of some old 70's movies.
In this story we follow the british as they track down the french frigate Elita. As they track it down they descover a third ship that harbours some undead fiends. The story develops rapidly as we get to know some of the members of the british navy. The sea battles are a must read. I think in the end I was pleased but as Fell Cargo I must say something felt not right. This was the first book and I am impressed to read the next ones on the series.
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