Review: Forge of War; Condemned by Fire & Crown of Destruction - Warhammer Graphic Novels

I am not that keen to graphic novels. I a word guy. But after reading some old graphic novels by Black Library, I still hated most graphic novels, but since is the universe I loved, I kind of enjoy it. Those Marvel or something like that never did work for me.They were printed by Boom! Studios by 2008/2009 and I bought the 8 books. Three from the Warhammer World, One from Blood Bowl and Five from Warhammer 40k.

Two of my favourites were the first two.
The first two books were written by Dan Abnett and  Ian Edginton and illustrated mainly by Rahsan Ekedal. And my opinion they worked nicely. The last book was written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Dwayne Harris. I must say they weren't that good. Some of the chapters (each book is divided in five small chapters) were truly awful. The drawings and story didn't felt so warhammer. The main characters in the first two were Greatsword Vogel and the Dwarf Vargni. In the second book they join band with the witch hunter Maguns Gault.The third book the main character was Greatsword Frohlich (a minor character in the first book).

In the first book we join two sides battling against chaos. Dwarves and Humans from Averland province. In the midst in the battle something goes wrong and the humans flee. Ashamed and defeated they tried to regroup. The Dwarves seeing what's happening vow death to the humans. As they bundle together they are brought together to a temple that is a lair of some vicious Lamia Vampires. Meanwhile two dwarves battle for survival in some pit. One of them escapes and vow the death of humans. Humans and Dwarf meet again and after some bad start (second start for that matter) they join and with the help of a Celestial Mage ridding a Griffon they battle the Chaos invasion in a no-winning situation. They only want to find redemption. If you want to see some drawings click here . 9/10

The second book was called Condemend By Fire. In this book we join a witch hunter in a pursuit to find a Slasnesh worshiper that corrupted some sisters of a chapel. In the way he finds greater evil on course. First with a village full of plague zombies corrupted by a water current. As he follows the stream he discovers even danger foes. At the same point he finds the main characters from the first book that help him in a village. After they follow the tracks that lead them to the skaven that were the main architest of the pollution. Even if unaware. We also have some glimpses of what happened to our duo before joining the witch hunter. 9/10

The third book is called Crown of Destruction. This name comes from a world game that Games Workshop made a couple of years back. All factions join into a setting to retrieve the Crown. Each have their goals. Some are allies but eventually they all can battle against themselves. As I said this was the worst book. We join a minor character from the first book. Also a greatsword (in this book some paintings the great sword is more of a longsword). In this chaos we are join we Chaos adepts, Magicians, Skaven and Vampires and the Undead.. As I said the book is not that good. Read if you like warhammer. 4/10

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