Review: Hellbrandt Grimm (Graphic Novel) - Mitchel Scanlon & The Sharp Brothers

Title Hellbrandt Grimm
Author Mitchel Scanlon & The Sharp Brothers
Publisher Black Library
Year 2005
Stand Alone or series Stand Alone
Pages 256
Rating 6.5/10

Hellbrandt Grimm is the story of a mysterious rogue who travels throughout the dark and gothic Warhammer world. Grimm is a ruthless bounty hunter, in some cases far worse than those he hunts. Continuing Black Library's series of great value, pocket-sized graphic novels, Hellbrandt Grimm further expands the rich background of the world-renowned Warhammer universe.

Review / Verdict
I read this graphic novel a way back but as I made my ... well, summer cleanings I re-founded again. As I am a great fan of Scanlon books I tried this one. Unfortunally this book not as good as the others I reviewed first. I think the main fault were the drawings. They didn't appeal to me. Which is a bit sad since I enjoyed the character. When is going to be a Grimm novel? That would be an interesting reading.... Most of the stories are tell by a narrator that met Grimm. This book also introduces us Luciana Falcone. I think that she is better than him. There is one interesting story where Grimm is an inquisitor in the warhammer 40k universe. Very good. Would I suggest the reading to anyone outside the warhammer universe? No. To anyone who likes comics and warhammer I think they will enjoy it. Well at least not hate. There are many phrases that remind me of Aesop Tales or Grimm Fairy Tales.
Notable Quotes/ Parts
The foolish may seek advantage claiming unearned honours whilst in the company of strangers. But the wise know better, holding their tongue until all others have spoken.
When you sup with a Devil be sure to use a long-handled spoon.
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