Small Reviews(6): The World Without Us, Death of Grass, Infected, Cell & The Waking

The first book I am going to review is The Waking by T M Jenkins. I read it in July of 2008. When I bought this book I start reading straight away. With 454 pages I read it in only three days which is quite good for me. Around 150 pages per day. Quite a feat. Well I still remember a lot from this book... This book is kind of Frankenstein in nowadays. Well for the plot... Dr Nate Sheehan is gunned down in the parking lot of a Los Angeles, the apparent victim of a random robbery gone wrong. Mary his wife, a researcher in cryogenic regeneration, severs Nate's head from his body before police can claim the corpse in hope of a future regeneration. After several decades in the future with a changed LA due to a massive earthquake and the change of energy because of lack of oil or even the water they drink is fruit of desalination, his head is put into the body of Duane Williams a convicted criminal. With the help of Dr Persis Bandelier wife of the director Rick Bandelier. Over time, Sheehan learns to walk and talk again under the guidance of Persis and Nate's personal nurse Monty. He's not the man he used to be, though. Confused by all that's happened in the world since his death, and devastated by the knowledge that his wife and son died in the 2012 earthquake, Nate tries to end his life through suicide. He's saved by Monty, only to face a worse future at the hands of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, an arm of the Center for Disease Control. The EIS has been monitoring Dr Bannerman's work, and when they find he's succeeded in reviving Dr. Sheehan, they invade Icor and take Nate to a detention center for examination. Nate's escape from the center sends him on a journey of discovery that ends back in Los Angeles. There his past clashes with his present life when he finds the canister of mementoes once hidden in his home. Was his murder a random act as everyone thought? Or was his death ordered by someone who wished to claim Wasserstrom's work as his own? He soon discovers of John Rando is the son of Martin Rando (a man he suspected that kill his closed friend and which he had some proofs). With several parties searching for him he must find himself in this new world and find what happened to him... Well the end was not predictable and it ended wanting for more. Jenkins sure can make a good reading book. I've tried to find another book by him but it seems that he only wrote this book. Most unfortunally. 8/10

My second book was Cell by Stephen King. When I discover that Stephen King was doing an apocalpytic zombie book I knew I had to read it. So far I've never loved a book by him. I enjoyed it but never loved. Most of them I hated them. This book was excelent into half the book then it felt apart and I hate it. When Riddell is walking through the city of Boston "the Pulse" happenend. A signal sent out through the global cell phone network that turns everyone in contact into mindless killer. With the help of two survivors they hind and discover that the "phoners" are gathering in flocks. Our main protagonist is trying to get to Maine to his son. They arrive at a prep school and join with two other surivors. There they learn more about this "pulse". They think that the "phoners" are acting like a Hive Mind and at night they join in the soccer field. (In the day they kill the no-phoners). They then decide to kill the phoners and afterwards they share a joint dream where they met a mysterious man. Another phoners arrive and make them go to a place in Maine called "Kashwak". As they go they are shunned by the normies (the no-phoners). They arrive at Maine and find Clay's son notes. They also find more about the Pulse and why it happenend. With the sacrifice of a several Clay's group they destroy the flock of the mysterious man. The group head north and Clay search for his son only to discover that his son as suffer a corrupted signal and even if not a turned to a flcok member but he is fomer shadow of himself. Clay then put's the cell phone in the ear of his son to get him another pulse because he think that this pulse will cancel whatever his son have. The book ends with that cliffhanger to make you wonder... 8/10

Infected by Scott Sigler had a good premise but then it failed in the end. Basicaly some people where infected with something that make them paranoin. As the novels enfold we get to see the mind of this infected and how they react to it. We get to see how the authorities also work against them. They soon discover that this things that infected the hosts are alien beings that are trying to hope a portal to their world. Our main character is paranoid but also fights against them. We get to see some bloody, gory parts as he rips off his skin of that things. This part was quite good. In the end I felt a bit ot cheated and I didn't enjoy the end. 6/10

Death of Grass by John Cristopher is another apocalyptic novel written 60 years ago. A viral strain has attacked rice crops in East Asia causing massive famine; soon a mutation appears which infects the staple crops of West Asia and Europe such as wheat and barley, threatening a famine engulfing the whole of the Old World, while Australasia and the Americas attempt to impose rigorous quarantine to exclude the virus. The novel itself follows John Custanae and his friend Roger Buckley along with their familes as they cross England that his falling rapidly into anarchy. They hope to arrive to a Farm in a isolated valley. Along the way they join forces with Pirrie a gun shop owner. This book is all about sacrifices as they change from normal beings to beings that must change their morals to survive. In one point they kill a family to steal their bread as they justify as "it was them or us". The ending was quite good. I would adive to anoyone who likes apocalpytic fiction but also a book about psycological changes under stress and under some situations. It's a classic. 9/10

The World Without Us - Alan Weisman is the last book I am reviewing in this post. This is not-fictious story about what would happenend to earth without us. I thought it would be like a series that pass on TV on the History Channell but it wasn't. I was a bit dissapointed with the book. I recommend the TV Series instead. Our Life After People or Aftermath: Population Zero. This book only deserves a 5/10

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