Review: Tarnsman of Gor - John Norman

Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman. These tale of almost thirty books are quite a find. In the seventies they were releasing all kinds of fantasy novels. This one depicts a world where woman are no better than sex slaves or worse. I read some bad reviews from people who thought these bad. OH MY FVCKING GOD. Are you kidding me? These is a fvcking fantasy tale. Don't want, don't read it.
My god are people stupid? So I right about a sadistic assassin... am I a sadistic assassin or maybe in my head I would like to be a sadistic assassin?

There are nude woman doing dirty (and yumming things) mixed with fantasy. What do you expect? These is a tale for all those horny fantasy readers who can't get a woman. Get used to it.

These tale is from Tarl Cabot. He always believe to be a citizien of earth. But one day he is transported to the planet of Gor and thus begins his tales. The writer wrote 26 books and probably he won't stop here. The covers are also great. I would advice you to see them for yourself. There are always woman in undergarmants or naked. Quite good! These is one of those times that the covers do mean something eheh. What??? I am a guy and I like fantasy even if I have a girlfriend. And by all that is sacred... Say that you never thought of being a king or someone important who had several dozen girls at your feet? Yeah. Don't you lie on me...

These book is a must read if you like light fantasy with a bit of nudity and you are open minded. If not... don't bother. You will only write a bad review. 8/10
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