Book Review: Casualties of War - Elizabeth Christensen

Title - Casualties of War
Author - Elizabeth Christensen
Year - 350
Stand Alone or Series - Series (SG7)
Pages - 350
Reading Time - 5 days (September 2010)
Rating - 7/10

Lt. Col. John Sheppard submits his resignation following a mission in which two of his team members were lost, while Elizabeth Weir negotiates with two warring tribes who have traces of the Ancient ATA gene

This book was another try to never leave the Stargate Atlantis universe. Like the predecessors I felt something by reading it but at the same It felt incomplete. The one thing the author could do is get inside the heads of our main characters mainly McKay and Sheppard. With Sheppard we get to know more that the series didn't present like his constant battles with the burder of command. Everytime someone under his command dies he crumbles a little more. This book he just reach the top of his capacity and he wants to quit. This of course he thinks that he has lost both Teyla and Ronnon.

Now for the main plot. After discovering an ancient battleground of the Wraith vs Ancient they find it inhabitted by two querelling tribes.. With ancient facilities came the possibilty of finding new weapons to battle against the Replicators.After a brief encounter with one of the tribes they find something that could use but that material comes with a price. They must help them destroy the other tribe. After some ill encounter with salvagers Teyla and Ronnon are considered dead but the peace mission between both tribes continue with the help of Weir. We also get glimpses of Lorne and Zelenka both secondary chapters. I would like to know more of Zelenka. I think he could have given a bigger part on the series. Not a major character because he couldn't defeat McKay role but nevertheless a bigger part. The end was quite good and end up the story nicely. I think it is a good addition to the main series. 
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