Book Review: Wolf Riders - Anthology

Title - Wolf Riders
Author - Anthology (7 Writers)
Year - 1989
Stand Alone or Series - Anthology Fantasy (8 Stories)
Pages - 236(Mass Paperback)
Reading Time - April 2007

This book was the second book edited by Boxtree a long time ago. Later was compiled with Red Thirst and Ignorant Armies) into The Laughter of the Dark Gods. Some stories were incorporated here , others belong to other books like Trollslayer and Silver nails and others were considered a breach in the current cannon and were dismissed. 


Wolf Riders - William King (Trollslayer)

The Tilean Rat - Sandy Mitchell 
The Phantom of Yremy - Brian Craig 
Cry of the Beast - Ralph T. Castle 
No Gold in the Grey Mounains - Jack Yeovil (Silver Nails)
The Hammer of the Stars - Pete Garratt   (Not Re-Released)
Pulg's Grand Carnival - Simon Ounsley  (Not Re-Released)
The Way of the Witchfinder - Brian Craig   (Not Re-Released)


This book had several good stories but besides them it was not an excelent book. Of course Wolf Riders is the best story on this book. This is the second story where felix gets in love and this time they battle not the chaos cultists of the first story but a goblin army with a band of humans. 9.5/10

There are other interesting stories but nothing that my mind will forget in a couple of months/years. Tilean Rat a parody of the The Maltese Falcon and has an halfling detective. This story didn't bring anything new to the warhammer world. An halfling detective hired by an elven lady to capture a rat statue. Interesting. The Phanton of Yremy by Brian Craig is another of those tales which I will soon forget. At least it passes in Bretonnia (the same happened on the previous anthology with The Gardener of Pavarron). It kind of remind me of Poe's mysteries and remind me that I must read Poe. Cry of the Beast is a werewolf tale that didn't catch the gothic warhammer feeling. Then a Jack Yeovil tale that I will read later on. Then Hammer of Stars and Pulg''s Grand Carnival didn't impress me as well. The last one was The Way of Witchfinder by Craig and it's a tale of Law vs Chaos. It' set on.... Bretonnia (suprised you there didn't I?) and it's a tale about old Bretonnia when it was full of corruption and things like that. Since then Bretonnia changed to a place full of shinning knights and so on. It's a good tale and pretty small. 

If you love warhammer and want to read all stories then go for it. If you like warhammer but doesn't need to read all stories then skip these one. The Laughter of the Dark Gods has the best stories. (Along with Trollslayer and Silver Nails). The drawings are a nice touch and I am sorry that these new tales don't have them.
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