Review: Fireworks - James A Moore

Title - Fireworks
Author - James A Moore
Year - 2001
Stand Alone or Series -Stand Alone
Pages - 376
Reading Time - June 2011

A spaceship crashes into a small city in the southern US of A and a branch of the army (or not) arrives and isolates the town. This is the premise and it was good. 

The book is divided into three point of views. First a officer of Collier (the name of the city), then an intermission with a chapter with several characters points of view then it changes to a woman from that town for another couple of characters. Another intermission and the last POV is from the other side of the barrier, a guardsman who happens to had grown in that town.

I must say that despise everything it work alright. All stories are inter-connected and it gave a wider berth to the plot and view of what happened in that town. The book is well written and nothing is missing in my opinion in characterization or plot.

Unfortunally the only thing missing is the lack of knowledge that at the end of the book we have of the spacecraft that cuase all that.

James A Moore gives us is point of view of what covers the government can do and what we really know or think we know. 

Of course, we know that there are somethings that the Government don't say to us and in this book we get it first handed. First a spacecraft crashes and the organization (later called ONYX) arrives and tells the world that it was a terrorism doing and it's closed for everyone sake. Then in the end we learn that this agency controls the media and everything else and they might not even being part of the government but apart. It's explicit that the president of USA doesn't know nothing about it and there are rumours of several crashes. Then we learn about some people that erases people mind and the rest are silenced and in the end everything is okay, the president gains votes because the army did good and the people of Collier (the ones who aren't dead) gain a new life without memories of the past. So what this means is that everything we know may not be truth. This book is to be included in the Goverment conspiracy theory range of books.

Now back to the book itself. After the initial set of rules imposed of the organization, the people of Collier starts to get resentful and later some of them revolt against it. There are also white supremecists who fight for freedom but at the same time James A Moore gives us gentle oppressors who don't like what they are doing to that town because they are taking orders from someone who they never seen it. In the end the space ship just escapes and all is for nothing. Terrible!

It was a good book for anyone who like a good politic book about conspiracy theory and also for psychological warfare. I also advice this book because the setting is simple but very nice.  8.5/10

Note: If anyone knows a good book about conspiracy theory say something.
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