Review: The Langoliers - Stephen King

Title - The Langoliers
Author - Stephen King
Year - 1980
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 235
Reading Time - Started on March and ended on August.

How can anyone say that this is a novella is strange to me. This is not a full lengthen book but with 235 pages it stands wrongly in the novella department. Now for the review... Of course, I've watch the movie and I enjoy it. I thought that reading the novel I would learn more about the Langoliers and personages. The Langoliers is a story about a flight that goes astray and when 10 people wake up they find out that anyone else is gone. First they try to reason what happen and after bouncing ideas they stop to fuel in Maine (where most stories King wrote take place).
The story behind the Langoliers is about a flight that goes wrong and 10 people wake up and find that everyone else is gone. First they try to reason what happen and after bouncing ideas they stop to fuel and that's where they found out about the Langoliers. There are some interesting characters. The blind girl and Mr. Toomey are both excellent characters. Besides them two the others are not that interesting. There are almost no twists but something’s are pretty good. The effects of being on the past are quite good. The food tasting wrong, the smell and even the effects on things like gasoline or even a pistol. This story reminds me of something that I watch on the Twilight Zone and that was something good. Being a story that I had already watched the book I knew what was happening. There are some parts that the movie doesn’t tell us and some of them are quite important to make the book be better.
Mr Toomey and Dinah characterizations are what saved this book in my view but I also think that this is a solid tale by Stephen King. This book that I am reading has four novellas so in due time I am going to read the next three. Unfortunately I’ve watch some criticisms toward the latter three… let us hope they are unfounded.

Why should I read it? If you fail to watch the movie then go right ahead. But, if you have watch them movie I advise to keep away. 6.5/10

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