Review: Draco - Ian Watson

Title - Draco
Author - Ian Watson
Year - 1990
Stand Alone or Series - Inquisitor Wars I
Pages - 238
Reading Time - 22 days - October & November 2011

Forty thousand years in the future, the human Imperium struggles for survival against its relentless enemies. Inquisitor Jaq Draco uncovers a plot that threatens the psychic future of Mankind. Can he unravel the trail of con- spiracy before he himself is destroyed by its deadly clutches? Dazzling and frenetic, Ian Watson’s Inquisition War presents a unique vision of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

This was the first book written in the 40k world. We follow the story of Draco, a Malleus inquisitor, and it's odd retinue . A Squat (Grimm), a Callidus Assassin (Meh'Lindi) able to transform itself and a Navigator (Vitali Googol). There is also for a small brief of time the inclusion of an odd psyker. In the beginning we follow draco into a world (Stanlislav) besiege by genestealers (strangely at this time genestealers were not know to be a part of Tyrannid, or if they were nobody in the all book linked them together). In this world Draco must follow an inquisitor work and from here we jump from one place to another. The main story is Draco is investigating something odd that his happening within his own order. He travels to a Space Hulk, to the Eye of Terror and finally to Earth. This all betrayal was part of the Hydra plan. The Ordo Hydra is an extremist faction of the secret illuminati society. What they want is to link (enslave) all mankind at the orders of Ordo Hydra and with it they believe that it will be enough to destroy all that threatens it's survival,. The book ends with a cliffhanger. Some strange ancient words made the reading quite dificult. 8.5/10

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