Review: Dreadfleet - Phil Kelly

Title - Dreadfleet 
Author - Phil Kelly
Year - 2011
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 200
Reading Time - 13 days in October 2011

Dreadfleet is the first novel (to my knowledge) by Phil Kelly. He also have some rulebooks in the Warhammer/40k. 

This is a novella not a full lenghted book but I think it was the right size. Here we follow the aventures of Captain Roth and his crew with other pirate lords as they try to defeat the scourge of the sea; Count Noctilus. 

Of course reading this novel one must compare to Fell Cargo because is the other novel set in warhammer world with a naval theme. I must say I enjoy this one better. First the pirate lords are a interesting bunch then the battle scenes are also better. Even te image the writer gives us of the pirate lords cities feel like we are there. 

I would advice to anyone who is interesting in playing the tabletop game or anyone who likes Warhammer 7/10
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