Review: The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Title The Hunger Games
Author Suzanne Collins
Year 2008
Stand Alone or Series Book I The Hunger Games
Pages 454
Reading Time 6 days


A nice YA with dystopia elements. A quick read but don't start reading if you are not expecting to read the second and third. The story ends in a cliffhanger.

This novel reminds me of Battle Royale and the Running Man by Stephen King but it's nice nevertheless. A dystopia world where a city called Capitol controls twelve areas and each are must pay tribute to it. Some gems, others mining material, others food or timber and so on. And most importantly, as a reminder of who rules each area must send two young teens to fight in the Hunger Games. And only one can survive. 

The main character is Katniss a 16yrs old girl who in my opinion is a weak character. It seems that everything happens to benefit her. In a way Peeta (another character who embarks on the games) helps her a lot. Even others from other cities help her. I think she is carried by some characters and that is a weak female role but the writer is a female so...

The Games themselves occupied half the book. The rest is divided between the life before the lottery and the Capitol training for each participant. It's like a reality show but it ends with death.

Peeta is a great character and in my opinion the only one with human feelings. Katniss is a suspicion as hell never giving much. Maybe the charactes will chance in the second and third book. 

If the writer killed Peeta in the latter books I will probably stop reading them. Because he is the main reason I love the books... 9/10

PS: I must see the movie.
PS2: You like dystopias novels? Then read this one. It's not wasted time but it's not the best out there but is not the worst

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