Book Review: M for Magic - Neil Gaiman

Title M For Magic
Author Neil Gaiman
Year 2007
Stand Alone or Series Anthology
Pages 250
Reading Time 21 days (March 2012)

Neil Gaiman is a wonderful writer and at last I read this anthology that had been given to me almost three years ago.

Gaiman is a master story-teller and a couple of this stories are printed on my mind. 

October in the chair is a tale where the twelve months are sitting on by a fire and telling stories. They each acts as we know the months "act" if you get my meaning. 

Chivalry in which the a parallel world a tea-lady (Mrs. Whittaker) have the holy grail and Galahad want's it. WHAT A STORY. A Must read I must say. To anyone!

The Price is another good horror tale. This was one of the best tales around. Even so because it has a cat. A short-story but Gaiman can really make you worry about the cat.

The Witch's Headstone is the prequel of The Graveyard Book . What a great story. Now I want to read it.

The other stories are okay but easily forgotten.
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