Movie Review: Extinction 2015

And suddenly, overnight, the world came to a halt. Two men, two survivors, one kid, and hatred that separates them. A place forgotten by everyone, including the creatures that inhabit the Earth... until now.

Extinction 2015 is a good movie dealing with an apocalpytic event that turn people on zombies. The movie is not focus on zombies since after the first 5/10 minutes it transports us to 8 years in the future and then we are deep in cold. The "monsters" as they call it are all but a memory and we are dealing with survivalist movie.

The movie starts with two men a woman and a child being transported somewhere but are attacked by zombies. The woman is bitten and one of the men is forced to kill her. Aftewards we are transported to the future where the two men live on the same village but a fence separates them. 

One of them, searches with the help of his dog the nearby villages, the other man educates the now 10 year child about life and such. We've got a lot of tension between those characters who have broken bonds. The child, of course, is more interested on the dog of the other man and the reason why don't talk to the "neighbour". After one incident that makes them discover that the zombies evolved and are not what they were before they start to talk to one another but always with hatred on their minds. 

The reason and one that makes me like even more the series was that, the guy who now lives alone was the father of the child but after the dead of his wife he start drinking and neglected his offspring. The other man, beat him and took away his child to take care as his own. They both seem inlove with the same woman... don't know if true.

After some incidents they met another survivor, a silent pregnant woman. As they are in the same house they are besieged by the zombies 2.0 (their bites doesn't transform them into zombies as the previous ones did) and after some battles they escape their city and arrive into a new city where they can free of zombies.

This movie, is as I said good. It focus on the relantionship between the girl and both men and the relation betweeen those two men. There are some good tension moments and both 3 protagonists do a good work. If I didn't enjoy something was the dead of the dog. It made me hate the creators for that free kill. Bah

My star review would be 7/10

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